Auriga Mini Arrow Set no. 1


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Hand-painted mini arrow set. Perfect for any room in the house as decorative wall art or added to a vase.

All arrow sets are named after constellations in the sky.
► Auriga “The Charioteer” Set

These mini arrows are made of 1/4 inch hardwood shafts, close to the width of a pencil.
► Gold, blue, and red stripes. Natural feather fletch. Measures about 11.75 inches.
► Turquoise, black, and red paint. Natural feather fletch. Measures about 10.5 inches.
► White with black patterns. Black feather fletch. Measures about 13 inches.

All arrows are branded with “Hotfelt”

Do you see a regular sized arrow that you’d like in mini?
Send me a message and I can make you one!