Camp Mini Arrow Set no. 3


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Hand-painted mini arrow set. Perfect for any room in the house as decorative wall art or added to a vase.

This arrow set is inspired by my camping experiences, pulling from the classic camp memorabilia.
► Camp Mini Arrows Set no.3

These mini arrows are made of 1/4 inch hardwood shafts, close to the width of a pencil.
► Red, blue, and white stripes. Natural turkey feather fletch. Measures about 12.75 inches.
► Dark Green, Dark Blue, and White Stripes. Natural turkey feather fletch. Measures about 11.75 inches.
► Dark green, red, yellow, off-white, and black color block/stripes. Natural turkey feather fletch. Measures about 12.25 inches.

Arrows branded with my logo “Hotfelt”

Arrows are hand made.
Actual arrow may vary slightly from pictures because I hand create every arrow.
All materials are sourced from vintage and seconds lots, meaning they are repurposed, reclaimed, or dead stock finds. The tips and  nocks might vary slightly (but only slightly). The feathers fletch is created by hand, so the cuts might vary slightly. The hand made aspect is what I love about them, they’re perfectly imperfect. It’s definitely what makes each piece unique- the arrow you receive will be an original!

Anywhere in the USA
International shipping available

Intended for decorative purposes, only.