Virgo Mini Arrow Set no. 3


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Hand-painted abstract florals mini arrow set. Perfect for any room in the house as decorative art. Great for adding that extra “zhuzh” to your desk space or bar area! As a gift, these are better than flowers because they’ll last forever!

This arrow set is named after a constellations in the sky, they are the Virgo Set.

These mini arrows are made of 1/4 inch hardwood shafts, close to the width of a pencil.
► Teal, white, navy, purple, light pink, yellow green, and yellow brushstrokes. Green feather fletch. Measures about 13 inches.
► Light blue, dark turquoise, yellow green, yellow, pink, neon pink, red, and dark red brushstrokes. Pink feather fletch. Measures about 12.25 inches.
► Pthalo blue, blue green, dark green, medium green, sea glass, salmon, peach, dark red, and orange brushstrokes. Deep red feather fletch. Measures about 12 inches.

All arrows are branded with “Hotfelt”

Do you see a regular sized arrow that you’d like in mini?
Send me a message and I can make you one!